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MAY 10th, 2014
10 AM TIL 7 PM

Aethlemearc Spring Crown Tourney, will be hosted by the Shire of Kings Crossing and will be held May 10th, 2014. Event opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm. BARBUSH-LANGELOTH MUNICIPAL CENTER, 1421 LANGELOTH ROAD, LANGELOTH, PA 15054.

Autocrats for this event are: Jodie Boyd (Lady Bryanna Eileen Taithlach), 192 Houston Run Road, Finellyville, PA 15332 - 724-364-7946 Jodie158(at)atlanticbb.net and Danielle Volkar (Nandi of Kings Crossing) 451 Donner Avenue, Monessen, PA 15062, 724-684-5797 Peasant(at)anykindawear.com

Cook for this event is Douglas Dillon (Master Creador Twine Dragon), please email him with any dietary concerns. Ebisu80(at)hotmail.com

Master of Tents or Tent-O-Crat for this event is Lord Sven Tyrvisson please email him to coordinate tent layouts at jboyd4650(at)atlanticbb.net

Reservations are to be mailed to Barb Dolan (Katyrn of Ayre) 445 Knox Avenue, Monessen, PA 15062. Contact Katryn at Katyrn45(at)yahoo.com or 724-344-5214

All day sideboard for $13.00 per person.
Family Plan of $39.00.
Children 6 - 18 will be $6.50
Children 5 and under will be free.
The non-member surcharge of $5 must be collected and it will be collected at the door.

"Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. - The Shire of Kings Crossing "

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